Kutovyi Oleksander B. 
MD, PhD, ScD, professor,
Head of the department since 2007.                                                                                                                                                                   
PhD thesis: "Using of 5-fluorouracilum in treatment of acute pancreatitis", accomplished in 1985. 
ScD thesis: "Pathogenesis grounding of differentiated approach to surgical treatment of diffuse peritonitis in patients of different age", accomplished in  2009.

Lyl’ka Ivan V. 
MD, PhD, ScD, professor,
Head of preliminary PhD assessment council
PhD thesis: "Chronic prostatitis", accomplished in 1969. 
ScD thesis: "Etiology and pathogenesis of gallstone disease",accomplished in 1993.

Litvin Yuri P.
MD, PhD, ScD, professor
PhD thesis: "Local dosed hypothermia in case of limb distal part lesions", accomplished in  1981. 
ScD thesis: "Transitive processes in dosed hypothermia", defended in 1990.

Karpenko Sergyy I.
MD, PhD, associate professor,
PhD thesis: "Early diagnosis and treatment of combined closed chest and abdominal trauma", accomplished in 1984.

Korpusyenko Igor V.
MD, PhD, Doctor of Science, Professor, 1st vice dean of 2nd International faculty
PhD thesis: "Clinic and experimental grounding of CO2-laser using in surgery", accomplished in 1992.

ScD thesis: "Less-invasive treatment of bilateral tuberculosis",accomplished in 2016.

Martemyanov Volodymyr V.
MD, PhD, assistant professor, tutor responsible for student workplace practice
PhD thesis: "Application of surgical drapes with immobilizing metal complex Cu2+ for treatment of purulent wounds of soft tissues", accomplished in – 2009.

Shkura Mykhailo М. 
MD, PhD, assistant professor, tutor responsible for department's student scientific society,
PhD thesis: "Enterosorption in complex treatment of burned patients", accomplished in 1994

Rodynska Galyna О.
MD, PhD, associate professor
PhD thesis: "Prognosis and prophylaxis of surgical treatment complications of acute destructive pancreatitis", accomplished in 2010.

Kyselevskiy Dmytro O.
MD, PhD, associate professor, headteacher of the depertment
PhD thesis: "Bleeding adjustment in case of occlusive arterial shank wound with regards to endothelium state", accomplished in 2014.

Pimakhov Volodymyr V.
MD, PhD, assistant professor,the vice dean of 2nd International faculty, professional, responsible for keeping department web-page up-to-date

PhD thesis: "Diagnostics and surgical treatment of chest injuries, combined with brain trauma", accomplished in 2017

Sokolov Oleksander V.
MD, assistant professor

Buzmakov Dmytro L.
MD, PhD, assistant professor

Gritsay Yuriy V.
MD, assistant professor

Chaika Vladislav
MD, PhD, assistant professor
PhD thesis: "Grounding of intake less-invasive diagnostics and treatment in case of abdominal trauma combined with brain injury",  accomplished in 2016.

Petrashenko Inna I.
MD, PhD, assistant professor, the vice dean of 1st medical faculty
PhD thesis: "Grounding of videolaparoscopy application in case of pregnancy, as well as it technical particularities",  accomplished in 2017.
Secretary of department council

Zavizion Yevgen M.
MD, assistant professor